Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Search for a home on the Carolina MLS

Type in your search criteria by starting on the right side of the form.  You are not required to fill in each field.  Start by entering a price range in the format of no commas or trailing zeros (do not enter 000 for thousandths).  For example, to search for a range between $80,000 to $150,000, simply enter 80-150 the system automatically knows to search for thousandths.  

You can also enter a specific maximum amount, by typing 150- the system will search for anything under $150,000.  Or if you prefer for your search to include anything over $100,000, then simply enter 100+.  If you have questions, call or text me, I'll be happy to help.  Next, you can select the number of bedrooms, using the same format as the amount.  For example, 3+ will search for anthing with at least 3 bedrooms or more.  Same for bathrooms.  You can select the type of home you wish, whether 1 story, 2 story, etc.  If this is confusing for you, just email me your specific criteria and I'll gladly set it up for you - and give you access to your own private portal to the Carolina MLS.

If you wish to sell your existing home, allow me to do a NO COST broker price opinion.  I can use the system to determine a price range your home would likely list for on today's market.  A lot of this can be done over the phone or online, before I actually visit you.  I have lots of resources for you to use in getting your home ready to sell or staging your home for potential buyers.  Contact me for any help you need.

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